OF ALL ART OBJECTS


Prices for all items appearing under this heading are as posted. The posted prices may be changed at any time without notice. Direct mail purchases will be honored primarily by certified return mail delivery. Exceptions include professional courier services or other forms of personal delivery as dictated by the order. All purchases are final: no returns, no exchanges, no replacements. By ordering items under this heading, you agree to abide by this standard.

Additional Art Show Exhibition parameters are provided below uinder the heading  of  General Conditions




When you decide to contact me (Dr. Wells) regarding placement of an item for sale under the Art Show Exhibitions, bear in mind that your submission must be accepted before you send it to me. Unsolicited submissions will be returned unopened or simply rejected from the source of delivery.

Prior to submitting an item for sale, you must attach a reasonable sale price. Once the sale price is determined, it may be altered by me – reflecting either a higher or lessor amount than your submission. In the end, I will make the final decision as to the final listed sale price. If you disagree with this arrangement, it can be discussed. However, unless I agree to the final listing price, your artistic submission will not be accepted.

Once I accept a submission, I may require additional information regarding description. It is expected that you will actively participate in the necessitated communication exchanges by email, telephone or other required modes of transmission.

My administrative fee. Shipping/handling and any other services required to get your exhibit to a paying customer will entail a fee not to exceed twenty-five (25%) of the sale price. Once your exhibit has been paid for, I will deduct this cost from the listed sale price and remit to you in the form of a personal check the remaining amount.

Once a potential buyer’s check clears, I will make every effort to send you your money within ten days from the date I actually mail your exhibition to the buyer.

If your item is not sold as quickly as you would like, you may request its return. I will gladly return your submission as soon as reasonably possible depending upon the availability of time. However, following a request for return, you can expect receipt within 30 days following notice received. Likewise, should you have a change of mind once your exhibition has been sent to me, I will gladly remove your submission from display under the Art Show Exhibition.

At this time, I do not plan to accept any article with a sale price under $100.00 or over $10,000.00. This standard may be altered without notice.

As this website evolves, written formalities will be added as needed.